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Turn your tax return into key Farm Business Management data.

All farm business have their tax returns completed annual, but this report remains one of the least understood and utilised report(s) understood by farmers. This 1-day workshop helps farmers turn their tax return information into useful management information and to understand what this information means so that their business can be better managed.


Who will benefit from this training?

  • Farmers who wish to better understand their business performance

  • Farm advisers who are looking for a simple but comprehensive way of understanding their client’s business financial health.


What you will learn?

  • What is useful and not useful in a tax return – demystify the tax return.

  • How to develop the essential farm business budgets of Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet from your tax return figures.

  • To calculate essential financial ratios to benchmark their own business’ performance.


How does the learning happen?

  • The workshop is a mix of instruction, group activities and participants working on their own business tax return. Both instructional and participatory workshop environment.

  • A farm case study tax return is used by all participants, so the finial outcomes can be freely discussed.

  • Farmers work on their own tax returns, while confidentiality is maintained at all times.

  • A simple instructional manual is provided so participants can be guided to do these calculations each year they complete their tax return.

We help farmers improve their business management

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