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                              Tony Hudson
                              Founder and
                              0407 701 330

After a career spanning 20 years in the Agribusiness sector, Tony came to a simple conclusion.  

Work must be challenging, interesting and fun. Most importantly, it must make a difference to our clients.

Whether facilitating a negotiation workshop with a major corporate, writing a strategic plan, deep in the 'red zone' guiding clients through family succession planning, or presenting a first year farm finance lecture, our work must make a difference.

The clients with whom Hudson Facilitation work become better equipped to achieve their goals, Both in business and their personal lives.  We make a difference!

Corey is a passionate farmer with over 20 years' experience working as an agronomist and adviser in Southern NSW and North Eastern Victoria. In partnership with his wife and starting with relatively little equity, Corey has rapidly built a successful and expanding farming business. Corey takes a patient and friendly approach to consulting, assisting clients in making better decisions to help them achieve their goals. His specific skills include; Crop Planning, Strategic Operational Farm Business Planning, Land and Machinery Purchase Assessment and Farm Business Assessment.

                               Corey Uebergang
                               0409 664 471
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