'The workshop was very, very informative, I’ve been amazed that that content of information was actually sitting there and we just had to learn how to drill down to find it, so at the end of the day I have a better idea of our actual position and that will help us make improved decisions going forward.'

Stephanie Allen – Farmer, Forbes, NSW

From advising on land acquisitions, to mediating Succession planning, to formulating business plans, we deal with each client as a priority, their success being our driver. We are focused on building relationships as well as building businesses.

Hudson Facilitation appreciates it's clients for sharing their stories.

'Going through the tax statement – it’s something every business has and something we didn’t really understand.  Now we’ve got some really good data from that tax statement and how we can go forward and hopefully make better progress in our business. I would highly recommend it for anyone from a younger person to an older person.  You always need to know what’s going on in the business and this workshop definitely does that.'

Feedback from recent Workshops.

Stacey Coleman – Farmer, Temora NSW

'Today’s workshops has been excellent, Tony was a great facilitator and we had a great group of people.  You are made to feel comfortable coming along, and all the information was confidential and easy to understand.’

Jenny Ridley – Farmer Temora NSW

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