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MLA back to business Grant                                                                                 


Hudson Facilitation through Meat and Livestock Australia can help fire-affected producers using the back to business grant. The program is designed to help graziers navigate their way back to profitability following the effects of last summer’s devastating fires.

The back to business program provides free business consulting with a registered farm business consultant

Sheep, cattle, and goat producers located in a fire-affected postcode who have been affected by fire are eligible to apply.

Areas of expertise covered by the grant include

  • Financial planning

  • Strategic Planning

  • Property planning

  • Nutrition

  • Herd and flock rebuilding strategies

  • Whole farm planning

  • Animal health and welfare advice

This presents a great opportunity for farm businesses affected by fires to take a step back, analyse their business and set a direction going forward that can underpin their future.  

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