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Analyse your Farm Business for improved business decision making.


This 2-day course uses P2PAgri software to help farmers analyse their own farm data, and use scenario analysis (‘what if’ questions) to monitor and inform their business decision making.


Who will benefit from this training?

  • Farmers who wish to develop their skills and assess the farm business management performance of their business.

  • Farm advisors who want to improve their understanding of farm business management.


What you will learn?

  • How to assess the financial capacity of your farming business.

  • Know where your business’s money is being made and not being made in a farming business.

  • The economic thinking that is behind good farm business management.

  • Understand the farming business key performance ratios and bank ratios

  • How to measure liquidity, efficiency and wealth creation

  • Compare simply those important ‘financial what if’ questions of your complex farming problems.

  • Know your cost of production to assist with selling decisions.


How does the learning happen?

Learning and mastering new skills is not easy and it does take discipline. So a learning environment is set up to assist with this new skill development:

  • A mixture of instructional and participatory learning is provided and encouraged.

  • No prior knowledge is assumed, but participant’s prior knowledge is recognised and valued.

  • Learning through doing is encouraged with the unique discussions and P2PAgri software.

  • A learning environment of ‘no question is a dumb question’ is created.

  • Mentoring is available.

We help farmers improve their business management

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